Filorga/fillmed Mha-10
Filorga's M-HA10 is a pure hyaluronic acid that, when injected into the skin as part of Filorga's NCTF mesotherapy cocktail, has an immediate effect on hydration and skin radiance.

Filorga M-HA 10

Nuturing and filling solution, Filorga MHA 10 is injected into the dermis by mesotherapy process. This light method is very popular to prevent or slow down the effects of time and reduce fatigue wrinkles. As the video shows, the act does not cause discomfort or pain.

Properties of the gel – Filorga MHA 10

The gel consists of non-crosslinked Hyaluronic acid, vitamins and trace elements. To prefer natural ingredients stimulates the regeneration of the skin without attacking it.

To complement the action of M-HA 10, Filorga Laboratories suggests using its NCTF 135 ha and NCTF 135 poly-revitalizing gels.

Targeted areas

Filorga MHA 10 is intended for:

– Most of the face

– The back of the hand

– The neck and décolleté

– crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes

Application Protocol

Because the injection into the dermis remains a surgical procedure, a test protocol must first be performed. Only health professionals (aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery) are authorized to practice it.

The application must be renewed every month during the trimester following the first injection. To slow skin aging as much as possible, a booster is recommended every six months.

Filorga mha 10 should not be administered to minors, pregnant and breastfeeding women, patients with allergies or suffering from a skin condition.

1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month 4th Month
1st application 2nd application 3rd application 4rth application

At the end of this protocol, Filorga Laboratories recommend retouching every six months.

Filorga MHA 10, what results?

Practiced in compliance with health and safety standards, the side effects are anecdotal.

Nourishing, it fills fine lines and fine wrinkles while boosting cell production. The complexion becomes satin, skin texture is refined and toned: patients appreciate its instant result.


Filorga M-HA 10 is composed of:
– 3 single-dose vials 3 mL
– 3 syringes of 3 mL: 32G X 3/16
– 3 sampling needles: 18G ½ (1.2 X 40 mm)
– 3 treatment needles: 30G ½ (0.3 X 12 mm).

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